World Cup Bulgaria 2014 – Day 1

We made it to Luton, eventually, after 1 person had to turn back to get their phone. And that was after they had overslept as well. Bacon butties all round and even 2 of us had the obligatory “we’re on holiday” beer at 05:00.

The usual lurid purple plane from Wizz Air was on time and whisked us off to sunnier parts. This last bit was misconceived as we were to find our. What on earth was going on in row 1 we do not know. it appears like a very thin person in a burkha?

First stop after getting out of the new terminal at BOJ was Penny’s Supermarket to stock up on beer, water and salty snacks. Shopping was something new to Mr B who didn’t realise that you had to put things from the trolley onto the belt your self nor that you had to put the purchases into bags. The checkout lady fortunately sa the funny side of it.

So, arrival at The Vineyards, 30 secs to unpack and get around the pool for those first few pints of Zagorka. oh Bliss. And the sun was shinning for now. Some people thought that sun cream was unnecessary. Oh dear just wait for tomorrow’s pics!

After a few cold ones, a dip in the pool, a quick snooze, the consensus was to travel into Sunny Beach at 18:30, find the nearest German bar and watch the night’s game. This achieved and remarkably it was the same bar from 4 year’s ago. 400 Germans and 5 Englishmen watch as Portugal fell apart and lose 4-0. The place was awash of very happy and very drunk Germans. Onwards into the centre then.

In the past few years, assorted daughters in their teens have been to Sunny Beach. One of their favourite pastimes at night is to join with others of similar age to bar crawl around town as part of a debauched organised event. We were determined not to miss out on this. Half way down the drag we found the appropriate ticket pusher and proceeded to negotiate.

Mike R managed to get Tracy down to £8. “What for all 5 of us?” he enquired. She was not amused. Anyway, Wednesday is the night, ripped T-Shirts and free shots here we come. A little preview of what is to come!

It is now 15.00 and time to head off into town for a day/night bar crawl. So DJ Simon signing off for another day. Laters

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