World Cup Bulgaria 2014 – Day 2

Oh dear, where to start! From a sunny beginning to a messy end, the day had it all. Firstly sunbathing and ball games in the pool. As mentioned yesterday the lack of sun lotion was fairly evident this morning.

After all that activity we definitely had earned a beer or as it turns out, 3. We had decided that today was going to be a 12 hour binge 1pm to 1am. So to change before heading out to Sunny Beach. What Mr B is doing in the latter photograph is unsure but what we do know is the “sexy” quick access shirt was put into action on many occasions throughout the night.

After an opening pint at the “White Bar”, Mr B decided we should walk to Romania in search of food. Well that’s what it felt like. Walking the whole length of Sunny Beach meeting several interesting residents along the way we found the very last restaurant where we dined on squid, tortillas and the obligatory deep fried scad. And this was just starters.

Another 2 mile hike found us back in the centre of action. Shots, Party Crew Girls and Mr B trying our the seductive power of his sexy shirt on Mr L. You just knew that the night was about to degenerate from there on in.

Next up was the main course. Meat, meat and more meat at Billys a famous BBQ joint. I have to assure you that your eyes are not deceiving you, that really is a glass of water with my Pork Sword.

The main match today was Brazil v Mexico. There really was only one place to watch this. Somewhere we could have beer, football and as it turns out photo bombing dancing girls – The Corner Bar.

This proved to be just to much for Mr B who took himself off to a corner and a comfy chair with his pint. Those of you know him can probably predict what came next……yes, sleep and the spillage of beer and a broken glass! The last stop of the night at The Kuban Hotel brought forth more shots and JD & Coke. Naturally a dancing girl as well.

Time for home. We could take no more. Need to save ourselves for Party Crew tour tomorrow. Laters

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