Sunday lunch at The Mariners

Today’s journey was for Sunday lunch at The Mariners, Rock, a pub/restaurant owned by the Michelin starred chef, Paul Ainsworth. By the way, Rock is a beautiful little village on the other side of the Camel estuary opposite Padstow. Now frequented by the rich and famous, including Gordon Ramsey and Harry Enfield, it is frequently referred to as the Kensington of Cornwall.

Ferry Crossing

Rock is directly opposite Padstow across the Camel estuary. You can drive the long way around or take the foot ferry that runs every 20 minutes or so. Depending on the tide, which varies by quite a height twice a day and at a rapid rate, dictates where you depart from and arrive. On this day, we were deposited on the beach a little way from the slipway. C-19 demanded masks and the best social distancing they could manage.

Ferry Crossing
Masked Marauders onboard the ferry
Padstow to Rock Ferry
Padstow to Rock Ferry

Trying for a Drink

As previously mentioned elsewhere in this blog, our trip coincided with a non-lockdown period of C-19. Even so, all hospitality venues were operating a table service only. Naturally, most owners wanted to fill their establishments with diners to maximise their profits. This was a warm day, and due to our early arrival, the menfolk had already completed an exploratory walk whilst the women shopped, and we had worked up a bit of thirst. We managed to sweet-talk The Rock Inn‘s owner into letting us have a table for drinks as we assured him that we would a) spend money and b) give the table back within an hour. True to our word and to save the poor serving girls more work, we ordered double drinks!

Double drinks at The Rock Inn

Sunday lunch at The Mariners Pub/Restaurant

So here we are. The main purpose of our little cruise, Sunday lunch at The Mariners pub/restaurant. Bought a year earlier by Paul Ainsworth, it had a great reputation for fine food, service, and atmosphere. Very true. Great service, laid back vibes, and exceptional food. The serving of a giant Yorkshire Pudding with all main courses on a Sunday was a little bizarre, but Mr & Mrs R stated that it complimented the sole and brown shrimp well. All the ladies had the trifle for pudding and declared it “dish of the day”. Mrs CT, upon our return home, managed to get the recipe from the restaurant. Apparently, it would take 2 days to make and included 30 or so ingredients. Good luck with that one.

The Mariners pub in Rock
The Mariners pub in Rock
Sunday lunch at The Mariners
The view from The Mariners

Sunday Football

We took the penultimate ferry back across the estuary. Upon docking, Mr C made a mad dash back to the house to watch his beloved Leicester FC on his iPad. They were playing Man City away, so no hope there then. Mr R and I decided that a beer was in order, and the pub from the night before, The Shipwrights, had several free tables inside and, low and behold, several TV screens showing the footie. Oh, the irony. Needless to say, a text was dispatched to Mr C, who would join us at half time. The ladies, needless to say, had gone shopping again.

Sunday Football Man City V Leicester
Man City V Leicester

Half time in the match was poised at 1 v 1. Not a bad attempt from Leicester. Mr C arrived. I can only say that the next 20 minutes descended into carnage which nearly resulted in us being ejected from the pub for rowdy behaviour and shouting, which, if you remember, you are not allowed to do during C-19. When I say us, I actually mean Mr C, who leapt from his chair gesticulating with joy when Leicester went 1v2 up. First warning from the barman. When 1v3 happened, it was only reassurance from Mr R and myself that convinced the barman to let us stay. When goals 4 and 5 went in, I merely had to stuff Mr C’s head under the table to ensure we could have another pint. The game finished Man City 2 v 5 Leicester City. Click to have a look at the highlights on YouTube

After all the fresh air & fun!

Sunday lunch at The Mariners, sea air, fun and shopping resulted in a quiet night in. Please note that Mr R and myself had to sit on the hard dining table chairs whilst these 4 hogged the sofa. I am not moaning, just saying!

After all the fresh air & fun
Too much fun for some!