……and from the off I am already having problems with this latest travel blog. You see STANWICK SIX has a good balanced feel about it so when I found out at 10:30 this morning, with only 20 hours before we set off, that it would actually be the STANWICK FIVE, my pre-planned writing has gone out of the window.

Mr G has all my sympathy, well some anyway. No doubt the five of us will think of something to cheer you up – some pictures from the beach perhaps or even the girls dancing on the bar in the evening? I know that you would not really be interested in this as you were travelling to Bulgaria just for the culture and of course the football.

So at 03:15 tomorrow morning the remaining 5 of us will set forth from Stanwick to Luton and onwards to Burgas and Sunny Beach. This trip is in appreciation of a) The World Cup, b) Cheap beer & food and c) Interesting entertainment both at the beach and various bars. Just what a bunch of guys of 50ish need after a hard 5 months working at home! I can hear the laughter of derision from here.

Zagorka with football on the screen

Careful what you order from the menu!

The Stanwick 5 are now – Mr B, Mr C, Mr L, Mr R and of course your’s truly Simon T. Bring on the beer, sun & football in that order. A few pictures just to remind us of what to expect.

Vineyards Villas
Look at the size of his skewer

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