Sani Dunes 2018 – Day 1 – Devil Child & Relax!

So off we go again for what is now our traditional May break in the sun. We are returning to visit a resort we previously enjoyed in 2011 (see Blog Archives for May 2011), Sani Dunes Resort in Halkadiki, Greece. This time staying at the newly built Sani Dunes complex of apartments offering luxurious adult holidays. Sounds good!

A new feature of this year’s blogs will be a daily video, see below, so you may skip reading if you so wish and go straight to the action. 
Very early flight courtesy of British Airways departed Gatwick at 06:00 am. Safely settled into our Club Europe seats it was noted that the row in front of us was empty despite the calls for all passengers in these seats to board first. It soon became apparent why these 2were late as they were of the “Tim, nice but dim” types. Totally oblivious to what was going on around them, only caring about themselves. Only there weren’t 2 but 3. Little 2-year-old George was already kicking off and being ignored by Tim & Jocasta. The parents had left it late in life to have a first child and had little idea on how to control the little $hit. George, probably only used to obeying commands from the nanny/au pair, knew exactly how to get what he wanted from his part-time parents ie scream loudly and ear piercingly shrill until he got his way, which he always did. Tim & Jocasta, please study Pavlov on how to break this action/reward situation. Noise-cancelling earphones and a bit of 1980s tunes took care of the screaming for the remainder of the 3 hour flight. 

Fairly uneventful flight apart from when Tim tried to crush me and my laptop by reclining his seat with no notice. A swift knee to the back and a loud “do you mind” reversed his selfish action. 

Onwards from Thessaloniki airport to Halkadiki in the mighty mini Peugeot. The whole of the backseat and boot taken up with our luggage. How Avis can advertise this car as capable of transporting 5 adults and 2 suitcases is scandalous. Forty minutes later and we arrived. Car keys, car and luggage was taken away from me, we were whisked to our beautiful seafront apartment via the bar for complimentary arrival drinks – proper drinks and not watered down Cava or Sangria. 

Dinner booked at The Market which is the on-site restaurant for Sani Dunes. Definitely above average for standard hotel food. 



Looking forward to tomorrow and the beach.