Sani Dunes 2018 – Day 2

After an early night at Sani Dunes, we awoke at 7 am (for which read Mrs CT made us get up at this time to “make the most of the day”). Great breakfast which included a good attempt at British bacon. No HP sauce alas. Not a cloud in the sky so off for a walk around the marina. This can be seen in the daily video – please note that I will not be providing commentary on the videos, pictures paint a thousand words. So apologies to Mrs Cross of Haywards Heath for this omission and for too many pictures of our plane (ed. – I like planes).

Keep Fit

Mrs CT took part in the daily Pilates session – 2 students and a teacher, after which we collapsed on to the comfortable sun loungers on the beach 50 metres from our back garden. The service at this resort is excellent and includes a delightful young lady appearing every couple of hours offering to clean your sunglasses or provide a cool flannel.


Lunch consisted of dips, grissini, Lays crisps (only the best), Heineken and an agreeable dry white. A late siesta saw me refreshed and ready to go out on manoeuvres (exploring the resort unaccompanied). Nice bar located overlooking the marina and a reserve Amstel purchased – note for the future, do not let the waitress pour the beer!


The Sani Dunes Resort now has an app that allows you to make dinner reservations at any of the 22 restaurants as well as having loads of information on what’s going on etc. We have made bookings for every night of our stay as we soon discovered, that if you didn’t, dinner times were restricted to either 18:30 or 21:30. Tonight’s choice was Tomata an award-winning restaurant that we visited last time. Great menu and even better service. Prawns, octopus, crayfish & steak all cooked freshly on the giant bbq in one corner of the terrace. Even pudding was on the house.

Mrs CT looked downright gorgeous tonight (as she does every night) wearing a “Tiffany” coloured number with chunky pearls.


The evening was rounded off at The Garden Theatre with an above-average resident cast of entertainers singing and dancing numbers from well known West End and Broadway productions. The stage settings and lighting were also excellent.

Nothing to moan about today, which is unlike me. I hope I am not sickening for something!