One downside of Antibiotics (enforced alcohol ban)

Recent bad toothache caused me to visit my dentist for an emergency appointment. Diagnosis – start of an abscess. Treatment – a course of antibiotics and strong pain killers. 
Not too bad. A few beers could still be had as I seem to be one of the few that KNOW you do not have to totally avoid alcohol with most antibiotics. A couple of lagers were consumed on Saturday afternoon whilst watching rugby.


The pain was not going away and had now spread to my cheek and some way down my neck. Monday could not come quick enough for a repeat visit to the dentist. Oh dear it was now a severe infection that now required stronger pain killers and an additional antibiotic. It wasn’t until I returned home from the pharmacy that I read the dreaded word – Metronidazole. The one real antibiotic which carried a strict no alcohol threat. Well that’s the Easter break ruined – no end of week beers on Thursday, no partying during Saturday, which had already been planned, or a nice bottle of red with Sunday lunch and, dare I say, no beers at the Stanwick 10k on Monday where as commentator I use it as a lubricant to keep my voice clear.

9 days without beer or wine! Well worth it if it clears the pain I am in. Perhaps lose a few kilos in the process. I will let you you know. 
The following is from Google in case you disagreed with my “you can drink with most antibiotics” comment. 

Can you drink on antibiotics?

NHS advice states it is “sensible” to avoid booze when taking antibiotics or feeling unwell because it can make it harder for the body to fight off infection and leave you dehydrated.
But, they add: “However, it is unlikely that drinking alcohol in moderation will cause problems if you are taking most common antibiotics.”

Are there any exceptions?

There are some circumstances where people should avoid alcohol altogether.
Anyone taking metronidazole – commonly used to clear dental and vaginal infections, or infected leg ulcers and pressure sores

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