New York 2016 Day 0 – Pre-Travelling

So here we go, a trip to New York part 3. Readers may well remember that 4 years ago, nearly to the day, that a Stanwick 6 went to the Big Apple to celebrate my half century, a couples silver wedding anniversary (now divorced as from Friday last week) and another Birthday. Unfortunately that trip, which had been booked 6 months in advance, coincided with a very blustery young lady by the name of Sandy. Result – New York was shut. Yes fun was had, beer and cocktails were drunk but other activities were very much curtailed.

Here I am, on my own (no I didn’t get divorced), at a Heathrow overnight rest stop awaiting my flight tomorrow morning into JFK. Mrs CT is on her initial tour of North America for 3 weeks with the new job and we are meeting up on Friday, for a weekend of fun in NYC. Please no smutty remarks. I have to now find something to do for 2 days on my own in a big city. Ooh I wonder (New York Rangers already booked at Madison Square Garden on Thursday evening).

One of the best Premier Inns I have stayed in to be honest. Very large, superb check in staff, great bar etc. Would recommend to anyone traveling from LHR. 8 Days parking included, just drop your car off at T3 short term.

So you would think that the hotel would be full of travellers, the intercontinental type not the knife sharpening, heather selling others. But no – half the hotel is full of tradesmen no doubt working on hotel/runway extensions or other building activities. There is of course all sorts of interestingly attired and made up ladies of various airlines on stop over.

Playing pool at the moment are a group of gay Indians and I am not talking about Liberace Tonto or Quentin Sitting Bull.

Oh well, bedtime it is before falling into the Virgin Airlines Upper Class lounge for breakfast, Bloody Mary, massage and onwards to their bar onboard the Airbus 340


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