Majorca 2016 – Day 3 – Blankets and Shaking Dogs

Okay, enough TUI bashing for the moment. We are on holiday and meant to be enjoying ourselves. So we did and left the hotel for a well praised restaurant, Sa Cova, on the sea front.

Nice bottle of Albarino on ice in anticipation of the seafood paella. Plates of padron peppers and Iberco ham to start. Very nice. However during my two trips to the Balearics this year, I have not tasted a single hot padron. Apparently one in ten are supposed to be.

A very nice evening spent with Mrs CT away from the bingoing, quizzing, 1950’s cabaret of Neptunes Bar.

That’s not Mrs CT, just some kid that got in the way of my pic. This is Mrs CT. How beautiful does she look?

I might of mentioned the amateurish signs in the hotel yesterday (remember I am not supposed to be having a go at TUI tonight). The sign writers of C’an Picafort go completely the other way with way too correct diagrams.

Surely the artist could have come up up with an instantly recognisable depiction of a dog instead of capturing the arched back, the all 4 paws together and the evident straining of the poor beast. You can almost see it shaking with the effort. (As in Peter Kay’s observation “it was shaking like a shitting dog”).

No, sorry but I cannot help myself. Here are two more examples of TUIsm – my new word for questionable service and hospitality.

Notations added by Mrs CT. I really like the sales pitch for the free trip to the bedding factory. Are you serious TUI? I have a good mind to go and ask Hev what time the flight departs back to Spain and exactly where this mysterious producer of duvets and blankets is. Unless every island and resort has one of course.

BTW the evening cocktail party, held just after midday, turned out to be a glass of tepid Sangria served in a small champagne flute whilst they wheeled out the various members of the TUI team. If they had bothered to provide rotting tomatoes and cabbage to throw at the stage, it might have been fun.

To be fair, afterwards one of the chefs gave us a demonstration of cooking Frito Mallorquin, a dish consisting of pork, peppers, potatoes and olive oil. Four ingredients fried in a big pan. Even so, a couple of the ageing residents (more about them tomorrow) asked if he could write the recipe down. Before you all shout at me, yes I know that this traditional dish should be made with liver. They had to use pork because 95% of the audience wouldn’t eat it otherwise.

I think I might have mentioned TUI once but probably got away with it.


PS in answer to one of my readers, a Mr Rolton of Rushden, I will not be dressing up in a silver slinky number and pretending to be trans in order to get around the trouser rule. Yes it would make a good picture but it really is not going to happen.

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