Dangerous Weapon given to me by a Doctor #diabetes

As some of my readers may know, some 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2. This was at the time if you were overweight and middle aged this is the label our health service slapped on you.

Trying to control the condition with diet and tablets has not been very successful with my average blood sugar readings never going below 10.5 mmol/L and sometimes as high as 22.0 mmol./L. (A “normal” person should have a reading of between 4.0 – 6.0).

So what does that result in for me – extreme tiredness, lethargy, increased peeing at night, increased thirst at night and no drive, if you know what I mean.

Fortunately I managed to get referred to a consultant endocrinologist (a doctor who studies internal secretions – yuk!) who suggested to my GP that I should be prescribed a GLP-1. Never heard of it. My GP had and went off muttering that they had to refer to someone else – the accountant no doubt?

Sure enough, after 2 weeks they invited me back in to see a specialist nurse who had with her a bag of torture instruments such as that below. Before giving me the prescription and showing me how to fire the said weapon, I had to sign a contract with her for a prescribed weight loss and blood test result 6 months hence. If I did not meet either of those targets I would lose the drug – all about money as suspected.

Not only was this drug administered by needle but I am expected to do it myself! The above is a weapon containing a small explosive device connected to a very sharp and long harpoon which in turn has a small vial of medicine on the end.

The fact that the damn thing had a safety catch on it, showed me that it was dangerous.

Grey cap off, hold against abdomen, set switch to firing and press detonator at top. OMG a loud clank and the harpoon shot forth burying itself into my ample flesh. The drugs automatically emptied themselves internally, a bit like a giant wasp and then said harpoon ripped itself free with another loud clank and back into the weapon. Thank goodness this is only a once a week exercise. I went white and started shaking like a thin fence post standing in the way of Doris.

The overall results remain to be seen. If you want to know more about diabetes or GLP-1 click on the highlighted text above. By the way there are no explosives or harpoons just a bloody big needle and spring – it is in fact similar to an epi pen

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