My Left Knee – The Night Before

After 56 years of intermittent but on the whole decent service, I am spending the last night with my birth left knee. Tomorrow I say farewell and shortly afterwards say hello to a new shiny metallic knee replacement. 

Reason – shockingly bad football tackle 1978 and lack of keyhole surgery at that time. More of that incident later. 
So now for the next 14 hours or so, nil by mouth, not even chewing gum or a sucky sweet. Mr Crawfurd’s strict instructions. On parade at 07:35 at Three Shires Hospital, Northampton – strangely specific time?
As I lay here at 12:30 trying to sleep, bizarrely it is not my knee that is painful or the thought of having a knee replacement but a troublesome wisdom tooth. At least the bucketloads of painkillers on offer tomorrow/today should take care of that!
I like the fact that my kneecap is also getting a new coating as well.