My Left Knee – Procedure Postponed

Why hasn’t there been any updates since the last blog on my left knee? What happened?

Well, nothing and a lot happened.

Turning up at the hospital at 07:35 as duly instructed with now raging toothache. This together with “white coat syndrome” and stress was pushing my blood pressure to the limit.

My left knee

When I was told at 12:00 that my operation was delayed by at least 5 hours due to an incident in theatre the pain and blood pressure became too much. Three hours later the anesthetist called time due to mainly blood pressure but also the risk of cross infection from the tooth. After 7 hours at hospital I went home with nothing but a shaved leg and a large black arrow drawn in marker pen to indicate the proposed operation site.

Just as well it was cancelled that day as the infection (abcess) in my tooth burst forth overnight and whilst relieving me of the pain could have resulted in the loss of the  left knee if the operation had proceeded.

Tooth abcess infection

Two weeks later the cracked wisdom tooth was forcibly removed and after a 24 hour blood pressure test, I was deemed fit enough to reschedule for some time in August.

Just have to tackle the hills of the Algarve with plenty of drugs (legal type) and alcohol. Yes, indeed the Stanwick Six will venture forth on their summer adventures in 3 weeks time.