Sani Dunes 2018 – Day 4

Another blistering hot day at Sani Dunes – now very red in many places!

Only item of real note today was Blankie Man. The evenings do get a little chilly this time of year, so be prepared. This chap wasn’t and resorted to stealing his baby daughters blanket from her push chair. Whilst poor Daisy froze her little bit’s off, Daddy was quite snuggly in her lambs wool blanket. Go get a whole lot of man up pills mate. (PS you look like a twat).
Man in child's blanket

Free ice creams on the beach courtesy of Movenpick and part of their sponsorship of the Sani Gourmet week ( more of this event tomorrow). Several people were injured in the stampede to get there first. Surprisingly the winner was a large Bavarian woman who declared that she needed to take 6 portions! Fat greedy bitch. Good ice cream though.

Sani Dunes beach

Dinner at Ergon, Sani Dunes – traditional Greek Meze (ed – since when have deep fried langoustine ie scampi, been traditional Greek)? Just for a Mrs R of Stanwick, there was our favourite dish of Fava Bean purée.

Greek kofta

Fava bean puree

Off to apply Aloe Vera aftersun to my bits.