Menorca 2012 Day 6 – Gin, Tonic & Tomatoes

One thing we have learnt in our short time on the island is that the Menorcans are rather fond of a good G&T. So much so they have developed it into an art form.

To begin with I must explain that the Brits brought gin making to the island in the 18th century and it has since become the national spirit. At our hotel cocktail bar, The Blue Cafe, it is not sufficient to just ask for a G&T, you must specify which one of 8 gins AND which one of 4 tonics. I kid you not! A bit like trying to order ” a coffee” in Starbucks and failing.

As you can see, what we would think are up market gins, Bombay and Tanqueray, are well down the pecking order. (BTW prices are for a treble as you will see from the next pictures). All sorts of different accompaniments are thrown in, from the humble lime all the way to cherry tomatoes.

This first one is your standard Bombay & Schweppes (the pint glass is there for scaling purposes only).

Even some of the 18 year old girls from around our way who can “chug” for England, would take a while to finish one of those. You know who you are Miss JB and Miss LR.

This next one is the house speciality, Gin Mare, Tonic 1724, lime juice, sugar, mint, basil and yes, cherry tomatoes. Weird yet delicious!

We are off for a tour of the gin distillery on Saturday (after the shopping expedition of Mahon, naturally). The next person who asks for a G&T at our house is in for a treat, pleasant or not!

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