Lanzarote 2015 – Day 2 – Windy & Hot

Title nothing to do with the various food and drinks consumed yesterday from Gatwick via BA and onto the very varied menu at the hotel. So here we go, first full day and a quick look at our view and one of our balconies. Ooh get me but yes we have two! It was a little dark yesterday by the time we had unpacked and had dinner so this is the first chance of any pics.

Because we had been given a very generous baggage allowance by BA, Mrs CT insisted on packing both of our gym kits because “we are going to start on a fitness regime this holiday”. Oh yeah, well that will never happen. Oh $hit yes it will. Being dragged out of bed early on our first day came as a shock! My bad knee conveniently gave way after 10 minutes so all I could is sit and watch, agonisingly dreaming of breakfast.

Then to breakfast, at last, which again was very good. Eggs, omelettes and bacon all cooked to order. On the walk back to our room we discovered a whole world of frenetic building activity. Room doors wide open, plasterers, plumbers, decorators all hard at work on the two floors below us. It was clear that they had deadlines to hit today or tomorrow. This explained the “your room is not ready” being informed to new residents. Literally your room has not yet been built! Talk about last minute dot com.

Sun beds comfy and plentiful. The onshore breeze in the Canaries has upsides and downsides. Upside, keeps you cool and refreshed in the blazing sun. Downside, lets you get burnt without realising in the blazing sun. Ouch is all I can say after the first day around the pool.

On first inspection of the local area it would appear that we are right in the middle of a small area that I can only describe as Lanzarote’s answer to Benidorm. The Red Lion, Mulligans Bar and all the other derivatives happily advertised full English breakfasts for €3.00, the cheapest beer in town and evening entertainment straight out of Butlins and worse. In addition I have never seen so many Chinese and Indian restaurants in one place. Do the Spanish really think that is what the British diet consists of? Anyway we settled on a traditional Bodega for a light lunch. Well it would have been light if Mrs CT’s enthusiasm for several different Tapas plates had been curtailed. Wonderful meal of garlic prawns, chirozo, mountain ham and padron peppers. This last dish being the inspiration for Walkers new Roulette Nachos ie every 10th is eye wateringly hot and you cannot tell which one it will be.

All I wanted was a picture of me slicing the mountain ham but the owner insisted I dressed up like an idiot!

After lunch and several beers, Mrs CT decided that the rest of the late afternoon would be spent back in our room watching a Scotsman and a Swiss banging the hell out of some small yellow balls in South London. Not me! Time had come to test out our roof top bubbly bath provided by Duravit (Blue Moon) with Dornbracht brassware. These last bits of info are for my bathroom industry chums. 20 minutes to fill and the water was a very peculiar colour due to all the brick dust in the air that had settled in said bath and the fact that I was its first user. So here I am surrounded by bubbles, listening to the Ashes on internet radio and soaking up more rays. Yes those are my red trunks on the side, the flesh on show is my knee. Bubbles keeping everything else from view. Don’t worry I haven’t seen it in years either!



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