Lanzarote 2015 – Day 3 – The World’s Most Expensive Aftersun

Breakfast as normal then onwards to sunbeds. In between was a visit back to the room to collect trunks, bikinis, books, sun lotion etc etc. The room was unusually warm, the maid had been in but the air-con was still running. On closer inspection, which involved sticking my hand into the air outlet, nothing but warm air could be found. At this point I must explain that on our arrival on Thursday I had to go back to reception with a snagging list from what was a brand new room – several bulbs not working, TV’s (yes we have two) not tuned and an air-conditioning unit making some very strange noises. Much apologies were given, notes taken on the computer screen and a message sent to maintanence. Nothing happened on Friday, so I had to go back and reiterate my complaints. The excellent upside to this was the application of “all inclusive” to our room number in the hope that we would not kick up too much more fuss – RESULT! Downside – no action re air-con noises. More of this ongoing story tomorrow.

A wander into the Pub/Curry House/Chinese hell centre in search of lunch brought us into a new restaurant for the season, Mercado Diecisiete, serving traditional fish dishes – right up our street with prices sufficient to keep the burger eating, €1.50 pint drinking brigade firmly away, albeit two restaurants down the road but far enough away not to be heard! Dishes of Octopus on sweet potato and Mussels Marinara duly ordered and eaten.

So back to the sunbeds suitably refreshed and in Mrs CT’s case full of a very nice Spainish Pink – that’s a wine by the way and nothing rude. Sleep soon became us. Stupid really because the sun was just as strong as yesterday and the wind deceptive as always. On returning to the room Mrs CT declared that she had got burnt somewhere sensitive – oh God please don’t make me look at it. As it turn out it was her eyelids phew! Not wearing sunglasses in the fear of getting panda eyes, she had fallen asleep on her back in the full sun. “We will have to go out an buy some special eyelid cream” she said. Does such stuff exist? I asked myself. Apparently it does. There is a very nice cosmetics shop just up the road selling perfumes, colognes and creams. The assistant produced the smallest tub of “special eyelid cream” from Decleor or somewhere. And when I say small the diameter of a 50p piece and a cm deep. My pocket, at that point, became £20 lighter. 20 ffffing quid. They must have seen us coming!

Back to our now super heated room, windows thrown open along with the curtains in an attempt to get some sleep. Not happy 🙁 At least lunch was good although you couldn’t tell from the face I am pulling in the pic below).




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