Day 11 Kefalonia – The Perils of Lunchtime Booze & Cat Plants

It is always tempting, when on holiday to have a little tipple with or after lunch. Fortunately I have stuck to the odd beer, which due to my partial immunity has little effect.

Mrs CT on the other hand had a Piña Colada the other day which induced sleep by 14:30 and lasted until 18.00

Today however she surpassed herself by guzzling a cold red wine (not advisable in the UK climate). This time she did not even make it to bed, instead choosing an elegant pose on the pool sofa!..…and before anyone thinks I am brave for posting that, Mrs CT gave her permission.

Mrs CT’s debut editorial……
For some reason Mr T developed writer’s block when I asked him to include 2 pussies in his blog, cannot think why? Anyway, I’ve asked him to find me a tree like this one so that I can grow my own – awwwww

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