Day 10 Kefalonia – Goodbye & Eating Habits of the Young

Today we said goodbye to quite a few acquaintances we have made over last week or so. The sad thing is they are leaving behind almost perfect weather to return to, so I read, almost typhoon conditions in the UK.

It was with one of these couples that I had my embarrassing moment of the holiday. During my Ouzo affliction of the other night I repeated a joke that a friend of mine had recently posted on Facebook to his daughter –

What grades do you need to get into Liverpool University? Straight ‘A’s. A A A A A A A.

I don’t think I need to tell you where this lovely couple are from. Oops!

One thing I have noticed whilst being such a multi-national hotel is the eating habits of the youth which is quite bizarre. This is with the exception of the Brits I am pleased to say.

Like most big hotels dinner is served semi self-service from a hot and cold buffet. The preferred scenario is that you are welcomed to the restaurant, shown to a table of your choosing where a waiter will take your drinks order. He/she will then offer 2 choices of soup and serve your preference from a steaming hot turin. See above for my choice of Cauliflower soup from the other night, yum, yum. The rest of your dining is down to you.

But not for some of the younger Spainish & Italians. They will come rolling into the restaurant, past the tables and straight to the buffet. They will then proceed to load (for which read pyramid high) several plates each with and arrangement of salads, hot dishes and even dessert.

They then return to the tables doing some sort of circus plate balancing act whilst trying to locate somewhere to sit.

What follows is not pleasant. Chicken fillets followed by watermelon followed by tzatziki folllowed by ice cream. And I am talking mouthfuls here not separate dishes. The only thing that interupts this eating from the trough is the lighting of a fag every 10 mins only to be followed by more gorging.

Three points:-

This is not Macy Ds and you CAN find a table before getting your food.

This is not Pizza Hut and you are allowed more the one visit to the salad bar.

Don’t mix your courses. We didn’t rule half the globe at some stage to see you lot with barbarian eating habits.

Oh and one more point, put your knife and fork down now and then and breathe.

I feel that after insulting the Scousers and half of Western Europe it is time to stop typing!

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