Day 9 Kefalonia – Green Tea & White Guinness?

It is now a day on from my Ouzo poisoning and I am feeling decidedly better. Mrs CT has no sympathy and has threatened me with all sorts if I repeat the incident. Best behaviour from now!
My 7 o’clock friends are please to see that I am still alive including my barman for tonight, Dina.

The bottle on the left contains something that should never be allowed on a bar, Greek or British – Pomegranate Green Tea – yuk!

On the other hand describing Guinness as an “imported white beer” is interesting. Have they ever opened one?
Cannot beat a drop of Mythos, bottled or draught. The only reason I am drinking a bottle in this picture is that the barrel had run out and my Greek friends were worried that I might pass out if I had to wait 5 minutes for another pint. It’s down to the heat and all that. Now that’s what I call service!

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