Day 13 Kefalonia – Food & Fingerbobs

For those of you that know me it will come as no surprise that somewhere in this blog I will have to mention food.

The fare here is not bad with a good selection to keep everyone happy. It is just that after 13 days of tzatziki, chicken or pork souvlaki followed by various pastries dripping in honey and nuts, our palates were craving something different. So off to the A La Carte we went and were quite stunned at the quality we found.

This is my starter, black risotto with seafood. The flavour of the rice was good in itself but when coupled with the richness of the butter and parmesan it was outstanding. So much so that Mrs CT ate half of it.

The centre piece was a large dismembered langoustine whose head portion stood proudly pointing to the stars, his longest feeler adorned with gold leaf! I kid you not. Needless to say, after we had finished this course, I just wanted to play fingerbobs along the edge of the table with aforementioned body part. The look coming at me from you know who said that my life could be in danger if I proceeded. I thought best not then.

Main course of medium rare T-bone finished off with choccy fondant that oozed from the middle completed our dining.

The result of all this is that we are returning tonight so that Mrs CT can have her own portion of risotto. Don’t worry our first visit was a couple of days ago.

Oh well 13 nights gone only one to go. Better get up extra early to maximise the sunshine hours – yeah right, some hope!

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