Cretian Times Day 7

The nice sea breeze we have had for the past few days has gone. Very humid and hot.

Stroll along the beach early this morning resulted in major fluid loss and a state of overheat. Spent 20 mins standing in pool to recover.

It would appear that a quarter of the hotel went through a changeover yesterday. Mrs CT quite pleased as there are now people who are whiter than her.

The downside is that the 3 apartments at the end of the little cul-de-sac branch of our pool are now occupied by couples that have spent the last 5 or so years breeding. There are so many children in the water that it has taken on the appearance of the River Ganges during a festival.

Just finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. What an excellent book. Must try and get hold of the next one asap.

Well it’s time for my quiet time and the best drink of the day, see below. We are eating at the Aroma Stone tonight. Apparently they give you a hot rock, some meat and you have to do the cooking – lazy buggers!

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