Cretian Times Day 8

Well it’s au revoir to Matthew, Karen & Alex who we met 7 days ago on the inbound flight. They have been our evening drinking buddies ever since but at 11:00 this morning we said our goodbyes and made our way back to the sun & pool. Thanks for the company I think we will be a little lost tonight!

Cooking on stones (not gas) last night. They basically heat a lump of rock to the temperature of a McDonalds apple pie and then give you meat and prawns to cook.

The heat and steam generated by this process is something else. I mean you wouldn’t sit 1ft from your oven at home watching food cook. Why do they think it will be a dining experience here then! Oh and they make you wear a ridiculous bib as well just in case you weren’t hot enough in the first place.

Already looking forward to my pre dinner drink at Pat’s bar. That is, Patricia from Poland the rather jovial young lady that runs the Cafe Bar in the evening.

She has now taken to pouring my first pint when she spots me at the top of the hotel steps so it is ready for immediate consumption 30 seconds later. Excellent service.

From the following video see if you can spot the person that obviously leads a simple life but has taken to following me around.

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