Cretian Times Day 6

Nothing much to report this morning. Took some pictures and a video from the east bank – that’s the grass bank on the otherside of the “river” from our room.

Video from the east bank

12:30 – Counted 18 flights coming in since 9am. I know that is sad but I have got stuck doing the crossword and the cricket hasn’t started yet.

13:00 – Mrs CT just devoured roast beef lunch. Beautiful pink meat from a whole sirloin. No yorkies however. Just as well because Dr Dukan would not approve (more about this pesky French dietician later in the week).

18:45 – local bar as I have already said has good cheap beer and 3 TV screens. What is even more interesting is that they are showing 3 different games at the same time (only 1 commentary though otherwise it would be very confusing).

Just seen Sunderland nick a win in the 93rd minute – some very unhappy people in here. May as well stay and watch 2nd half of Villa game.

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