Cretian Times Day 3

Very lazy day on the grass today (sun terrace not usable due to absence of sun which hides all day the otherside of the building).
The hotel have possibly come up with an alternative room but I do not want to say much in case I jinx the transaction.

08:00 – I make comment at breakfast on how many single men were present. This anomily was explained on the walk back to our room by a corresponding number of single females on the sunbeds. This was an intricate shift system designed to protect the couples carefully chosen space for the day from unscrupulous late risers or worse still the anti bed-bagging police employed by the hotel. These secretive bunch will remove towels & personal affects in the blink of an eye. They do leave a very polite note though.

19:30 – Not much more to say. Usual couple of pints in the local over the road while waiting for Mrs CT to get ready for dinner. Hope to have news of new room, complete with burning sun, tomorrow.


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