Cretian Times Day 4

Nice dinner last night at Red Saffron Taverna. Man opposite lifts left buttock and lets rip. Sorry mate but I and the other 30 diners nearby are not deaf even if you are. Mrs CT starts to cry

Anyway shortly before this event came the news we had been awaiting “hello this is reception we have an alternative room for you and it’s ready now. We are coming to get you”. Oh my! Well the next 20 mins of suitcases being flung open and wardrobes being emptied was something to behold. My comment of “if you can do it at that speed, why does it take you 2 days at home” was not well received by Mrs CT.

Lovely dual aspect terrace which means we get sun until 15:30 – perfect. Nice big room as well. More pics over the next few days.

10:00 When we visited this resort in May 2009 (different hotel) we enjoyed the 5km walk along the coast into the nearest main town of Hersonissos. This morning we decided to repeat the event.

After 4km, 1.5litres of water and an entire pack of blister plasters, Mrs CT finally declared “next time we are getting a taxi”. This also has my vote. Walking in 38c of heat with a breeze coming from the sea acting to dehydrate even further, sweaty feet etc is just not the holiday activity we had in mind.

12:00 Hersonissos at this time of year is much like any other big resort – full of shops selling cheap tat, bars offering beers and cocktails at knock down prices and chicken & chips as far as the eye can see. As you enter the main strip, the smell of last night’s vomit and beer wafts faintly from behind the locked doors of such places as Shenanigans Irish Bar as well as 30 or so similar establishments. The following photo is from the outside of the local night spot frequented by the interesting youngsters of the Dutch nation. Needless to say the picture from the English equivalent is just too horrifying & chavvy to show!

13:00 – Lunch at the excellent Acropolis at the other end of town. Delightfully touristy – the sort of place that doesn’t have a menu, just a big album full of polaroids of the various dishes on offer. We choose the delicious stifado, a good memory from last year, and a plate of calamari. Yes the place does have trees growing through it – well holding it up probably.

Taxi back to our lovely new abode is summoned.

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