Only mad things and Englishmen go out in the midday rain!

No way were we going to stay in our room just because of a little rain. We are English and nothing will get in the way of our holiday.

So where to go when it is chucking it down? Well of course the nearest beach bar. Mrs CT had enough blankets to open a refuge and I packed the Kindle & iPad.

Please note that it is 11.00 in the morning and yes that is a brandy chaser that Mrs CT is enjoying with her coffee and in her coffee.

The rain eventually did abate allowing us to make a mad dash for lunch. Afternoon snooze soon ensued.

Having been fortunate to visit the holiday resorts of Bulgaria over the past 4 years courtesy of a generous friend with a villa, I am well used to seeing the vulgarity of the Bulgarian rich (mafia or otherwise). The question I have had is where do these people go on holiday?

Right here in the Sani Beach resort is the answer! Out of 200 cars in the car park, 180 must have BG plates. If that wasn’t enough proof then the rarest of Mercedes, BMW & Audi models is also a giveaway. Cars with 6.3 litre engines and V10 written on the side you would not see in the UK.

The disproportionate numbers of porn stars and henchmen in the hotel is just like being in Sunny Beach. No explanations here but those of you that have been to Bulgaria will know what I mean!

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