First day in the cloud (Sun)

So, first day in the wonderful Sani Resort, Halkadiki. Opened the curtains to heavy cloud but as usual we were not to be put off by this.

After being first at breakfast for 8.00 am (yes really), we set off for a good 2.5 mile walk around the complex and marina. All very good, apart from the semi darkness.

The cloud cleared a little and Mrs CT declared that a first visit to the pool and sun beds was in order.

Shorts and polo shirt for me as the temperature was a little chilly. Note the complete absence of any budgie smuggling speedos.

A quiet 3 hours slippedby helped by the free wi-fi and my iPad. At this point it should be remembered that the sun tan lotion had not even come out of the case – something I now wish I had remembered.

After a pleasant lunch of typical Greek fare and accompanying wine/beer a nice snooze on the sun bed was in order. At 16.00 the rising chilliness forced us to our room to continue our siesta in comfort.

Upon awakening I was reminded of something my mother use to tell me when on holiday as a youngster – “always put lotion on as the sun can burn you even if it is cloudy”.

Mothers usually know best. I now have a head resembling a tomato and my legs are 2-tone red and white from below the knee.

On the upside I have just discovered “happy hour” in the main bar. Good times ahead!

Look into the picture carefully!

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