Menorca Day 6 – Cats and Cocktails

Very little to report today. It was a villa day for which read leisurely breakfast on the patio and then all day around the pool catching some rays.

We always knew there is a resident cat lurking somewhere from the sleep imprints he left each night on the cushions. Finally we caught glimpse during the day when he appear from behind the bushes.

So an evening out locally in Cala Fonts. Only two weeks ago a couple opened the Lemon Cocktail bar serving the genuine item. She from America and he being local. The ladies voted the Cosmopolitans the best and proceeded to have a couple each which didn’t bode well for later. Mr Cas, as a second drink, chose a very small ladies drink of a B52 and Mr R a whisky sour. Yours truly a large beer

Having walked the length of the harbour and watched the sunset, we settled on Dinkums for dinner (yes that is the name of the restaurant and not some weird Spanish dish). Fresh fish and more wine and more wine, in fact too much wine. I have to tell you that the women just started to get over excited and after paying the bill we had no option but to insist that they went home. The men are racking up a huge brownie point surplus on this holiday.

PS The discovery of the night is the Rioja you can see on the table above. Only €10 in the restaurant and the day after in the supermarket €3.65. We have been clearing the shelves ever since!


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