Menorca Day 5 – Mahon

The capital, Mahon, is only a few miles from our villa and is well worth a visit. Although not on the grand scale of its larger neighbour, Palma, there is plenty to do and see. Not least the excellent shopping (for female types) and good selection of bars and restaurants (for sensible people on holiday).

The bus service from Es Castell runs on the hour and 30 minutes past. Costs pennies and takes 15 minutes. So off we went.

The bus station is at the top of the town and all roads lead down to the port. Literally down. A long way down (just note that you have to come back up, a long way up). After at least 15 seconds it was obvious that the women folk were desperate to get stuck into serious shopping for clothes, shoes and bags. Great opportunity for the men to pull the “let’s rendezvous back here in 2 hours” allowing us to wander around taking in all the cultural sites. For which read track down some elevenses and beer.

After meeting back up, lunch was needed and as usual this is where the day started to degenerate. We appear to have no off switch when it comes to Sangria, beer, wine and Herbas (local liqueur).

Several tapas dishes later a walk to the top of the port was required. Stunning views.

Then a walk back to the bus via the old part of the town.

Needless to say that several more clothes shops got in the way. Misbehaviour had started.

One last shop before our return which met with everyone’s approval – local cheese and sausage. Purchases made for tonight’s dinner at home.

Naturally time for one last drink at the bus station of all places!


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