Menorca 2012 Day 4 – Footie and Pigeons,

Not much to report today. Too hot and humid to carry out any sort of exploration, including tracking down the nearest Sky Sports Bar for the footie. I have since found out it is the Black & White bar around the corner and naturally you can get a full English breakfast if you wish or a baguette and beer for €5 at lunchtime. The weeks live footie matches are proudly displayed on a blackboard in a child’s handwriting.

Never mind, made a few quid by ‘laying the draw’ on Watford v Brum. As write the Hornets are 2-0 up so I have closed out my bet with a slight leaning towards Birmingham performing a miracle in the 2nd half. As you can see I still win what ever the result. Go to for further information. (PS – Hope you are enjoying the game Grace & Joel).

This morning tried to take a picture of a pigeon standing atop the waterfall having a drink (yes I know I need to get a better life). Failed miserably. See if you can spot him?

More tomorrow, I promise. Off to our evening entertainment later, Fire & Ice around the pool. Ooh I can hardly wait,

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