Menorca 2012 Day 10 – Beer pulling, aerobics and sun beds

Each year I always introduce you to my beer puller for the holiday. This year it is the lovely Flor who is more interested in rugby than football as she is from Argentina. Good girl!

Always making sure that my glass is full and the olives or peanuts are on hand.

The other person that always brings joy to the day is young Danielle who is the Events Coordinator for the hotel/Thomson. Always stopping for a chat and always smiling. How she does 45mins of aerobics by the side of the pool in 36c of heat and humidity is beyond me, whilst the over 60’s are doing their “Aqua Fit”

If you ever need a rub down afterwards Danielle, just give me shout!

The one downside of pool life at this hotel is that the terrace is very small in proportion to the number of occupants. It means that the positioning of the sunbeds is a little intimate. For instance, look what I had to endure yesterday! (yes that is my foot in the pic but I am not touching her calf).

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