Lanzarote 2015 – Day 9 – Parasol Piercing

Sorry for the delay in this entry but today was yet another strange day that was not conducive to blog writing

Firstly the good news, Lanzarote Larry returned sending Fatboy Lard back to wherever he had been summonsed. Interestingly Suzi Soccarista was also missing that day. I naturally presumed that her and Larry had finally got together in some sort of trance, electronic, lifesaving type of clinch and Suzi being the stronger of the pair had done him some damage. No. Suzi had 4 days off to visit her parents and Larry had a touch of the Montezumas. Probably a dodgy paella or spliff.

So harmony returned poolside to Barcelo Teguise Beach. Well not quite. Just before lunch the wind, that Lanzarote is famous for and hence the plethora of unwashed, scruffy wind surfer types, got up to force 7 levels. Having got up early I had managed to bagsy one of the 10 umbrellas – sorry let me rewrite that – having been made to get out of bed at 07:30 to get one of the umbrellas. Anyway one particular fierce gust managed to lift said umbrella, a heavy duty type please note, clean out of its base and hurl it at poor Mrs CT. A very loud ouch was uttered but interestingly for a Raunds girl, no expletives. It had hit her in the stomach, scaffold end first leaving her winded and with a horrible and angry red mark that was indicative of a large bruise to come later. “Good job I am not one of those skinny bitches otherwise I would have been cut in half” cried Mrs CT. A great future excuse for keeping up with the chocolate and prosecco diet. So another trip to reception to record the incident in the accident book – oh wishful thinking – “no requirement under Spanish law to have one” the assistant manageress told us. Having witnessed the absence of Health & Safety during the building works this came as no surprise. Mrs CT retired hurt for the rest of the day.

Needless to say Mrs CT is now staying well clear of umbrellas, which is good news for my lie-ins.



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