Day 4.1 Kefalonia – Moving Day and Step-er-cise

After Mrs CT’s negotiations with our holiday rep and the hotel management, the day of our move to “private suite and pool” is upon us.

However, this morning we conducted a thorough pros and cons exercise on the transaction and decided to stay put and spend the extra money on something else.

That was until we went to reception to report on our findings. On the way there we bumped into the Head of Housekeeping who was delighted that we were taking a suite and that she was supervising the handover personally. Our reputation has obviously spread locally!

This sentiment was echoed by the receptionist who said that we should view the accomodation first before making any hasty decisions. Georgi and his golf buggy was summonsed hence and within 5 minutes we were viewing suit 812.

From the initial look on Mrs CT’s face it was evident that our early decision had been overturned. The large bedroom, living room and bathroom bigger than the whole of our previous room were the deciding factors not to mention the private pool with airjets and garden area with sofa and chairs.

Here are a few pictures. Some of the inside tomorrow.

There are a couple of downsides to this move. 1) I am now considerably further than 30m from the pool bar and with no personal beer button and 2) it is now 176 steps up to the restaurants. With 3 meals a day that is 1056 steps per day. Surely that is compensation enough for not going to the gym?

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