Day 5 Kefelonia – Chauffer Driven & Mini-bars

After my small complaint yesterday re the elevation above our apartment that the restaurants are, I have discovered that our “private suite” status comes with more perks than I first envisaged.

A quick call to 0 will summon forth the previously mentioned Georgi and his Club Car buggy. Destination – anywhere we want on the complex. Oh yes, no more hill climbing for me in search of sustenance.

On a roll from this discovery I enquired about the status of the fully stocked mini-bars (yes really 2, one in the lounge and one in the bedroom for when you really cannot be arsed to walk to the first one). “As you are in a private suite, the contents of the mini-bars are yours to enjoy as part of the package”. Sod being 30m from the pool bar I now have beer at the end of the bed!
Perhaps I should now enquire as to why there isn’t also a bar in the bathroom. Or is that just taking it too far?

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