Cretian Times Day 1

Usual silly o’clock flight causing the alarm to rudely shrill at 03:00am.
Bags all packed and off we go.
Stansted at 6am an uneasy mixing of suits waiting for their day flights to somewhere not too far away and the holiday makers enjoying their first beer of the fortnight.

Onto the aircraft, which has seen better days, for a bum numbing 4 hours of children crying and loud chavs. Thankfully as this is a premium day flight, the latter are in short attendance.

Breakfast eaten and now settling down to a couple of hours of “How to Train your Dragon”. Any hope of it being a quirky wildlife feature is quickly squashed by the squeaks of delight coming from our younger co-passengers.

Roll on Crete and the sanctuary of our private terrace, sunbeds and sleep………..

…….more tomorrow

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