Crete 2014 – Day 7

Went for a walk along the coast towards Hersonissos. I say towards because there was no way we were going to make it all the way in this heat. We have done it before in the spring and it took 2 hours. There is quite a breeze as you can see from the sea. The “Caution – Floor is wet” sign is just about to get washed away!

Naturally we had to have a beer stop and even Mrs CT partook in quaffing the amber nectar.

I was wondering why she was in no rush to leave this establishment until I caught her taking this picture. And I am sitting right next to her? She has threatened to write her own blog entry on this subject for all the lady readers. I will reminder her again.

As we could not wander out on one of the concrete piers you will just have to put up with a video from 4 years ago, same beach, same Mrs CT, although looking a little lost!

Yes I know the title states day 7. Blog stuck in iPhone as explained yesterday.



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