Crete 2014 – Spa Day

Mrs CT here – guest blogger.

Day 13 of the holiday was deemed to be ‘Spa Day’, to get us both ready for the return home, much like David & Victoria Beckham would do. Manicure, pedicure, facial & eyebrows for her, and pedicure for him. The prices were a tad expensive, as they tend to be in big hotels, but I was lured by the claims of “one of Europe’s largest spas” ….. ” award winning”….. etc, etc. Plus hotel guests receive a whopping 15% off published prices – bargain.

The day started with a beautiful Shellac manicure and pedicure, however, manicure & pedicure only meant push back of cuticles and file, with polish. I’ll have to go back to the farrier to have my hooves down when I’m back home. This took 1.25 hours and cost €87. Pretty good hourly rate; I’m in the wrong business!

Simon T’s pedicure had an interesting ‘ending’. Don’t get excited boys, not that sort of ending. He was asked what he would like on his nails and ended up with clear varnish. When I asked why didn’t he just decline, he said he didn’t know he could. What???!!! Simon T, Master of Beligerence and award winning user of the word ‘No’ ????? Pretty toe-nails Mr T 🙂

Due to being short-changed on the 1 hour manicure & 1 hour pedicure, I then found myself hanging around before my next treatment. I was invited to relax in the ‘Quiet Room’. The room faces onto the main pool area and thoroughfare. Quiet? However, my ability to relax was compromised as I was not convinced that the beautician will know I was there, and would think I’m a No-Show for my appointment. Anyway, finally they did find me, 5 minutes late. I don’t do waiting.

The beautician took me to the treatment room and introduced me to the facial i would be experiencing today. Allow me to quote direct from the Spa’s brochure: “…this facial integrates Australian native ingredients as an ideal treat for dull or lifeless skin“. Charming; I thought i looked positively radiant this holiday. “…An Aboriginal inspired pressure point massge helps to relieve stress and tension ….“. What? Does this guy look radiant and stress-free? I think I’ll stick with #Decelor.

So facial done, and I must admit it was good, although very quick (30 mins). Another €37 euros; hourly rate is improving (for them, not me!)! Onto the final leg, the eyebrows. I was booked in for waxing, which I’m told is the best way to shape eyebrows (steer clear ladies of Threading if you do not have Asian hair). For this treatment I was led to the hair salon, located in the spa. Blimey, I know I’ve not had them tidied for a month, but I didn’t think it would need a barber! Not a waxing pot in sight, just the beautician looming over me with her tweezers. Ouch, that was painful. Eyebrow ‘waxing’ finished she asks “is that ok?”. They’re thinner than I normally have, but what can i say? No, put some back! So I do the English thing, and tell her “that’s lovely, thank you”.

Total bill for Mr & Mrs T came to €194. Total time spent 2.5 hours. Verdict: Mr T has pretty toe-nails and Mrs CT is looking into re-training to become a Beauty Therapist.

Here’s something for the ladies…..I was having a beer across the road and this chap decided to shower off the sand & sea in front of me. The fact that he caught me taking a photo, and continued to shower, for a little longer than was necessary, made me VERY happy 🙂

Laters x


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