Crete 2014 – Day 4,5 & 6

Sorry but having such a chilled time, the blog has taken somewhat of a back seat!. I thought I had better post something just to let you know that we are still living. First off my picture of the holiday so far.

Taken this lunchtime from a small bar in the main town of Hersonnisos. Amazingly quiet. I would hate to think who it is like at night as there are plenty of tacky, smelling “disco bars” along the front just awaiting the great unwashed to emerge from their pits around 11pm. We travelled her from our resort on board the Tourist Bus which took us away from the crowds an up to some of the old villages.

The trip back did not meet with Mrs CT’s approval as she got stuck with some very noisy children of the Dutch variety.

Not happy at all!

Yesterday we went for a walk through the local village of Analipsi ending up at Emily’s taverna to hear all about Olive oil and Raki. When I say all about I mean a talk of 1 hour. Lovely lady but as mad as a bag of frogs. Cats everywhere which kept Mrs CT happy. Glasses of Raki and bread with oil which kept me happy. So happy that I bought a litre of the homemade oil to take home.



Mrs CT made me put in all the cat pictures. Any way dinner is calling. Entertainment tonight is a tribute act flown all the way from the UK – Lady Gaga – oh goody I cannot wait.

Tomorrow I promise that I will publish the blog from one week ago – Special Edition Vomitgate



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