Bulgaria 2013 – Day 5 – Chicken, Football & The Age of Consent

Weather hot, beer cold, Watford drew but won £20. Got the juniors coming around tonight for a Tommo Roast Chicken Dinner. I bet Mrs Beeney has never had something so big in her oven! Although there is no longer a 5-6 happy hour at the bar it is always a good place to come for the gossip of the day.

Talking of the pool bar, it brings me to my first opinionated rant of the holiday. One of the barmen is 24, speaks perfect English and has all sorts of metal hanging from his ears nose and lips. Despite all of this, the teenies from the UK appear to be infatuated. What worries me is that the barman probably has a very different agenda to them. He views them as “fair game” whilst they believe they are underage and he wouldn’t dare try anything.

Underage in the UK you maybe. Here you are very much legal – age of consent is 14. And that is the crux of the matter. Sex anywhere in the world has to be consensual but when the age bar is lowered then holiday barmen have a much bigger field to play and attention from young girls in bikinis is welcome.

My advice, for what it is worth, before taking your daughters anywhere make them aware of the rules of engagement. Maybe then they will think twice about flirting with the staff 10 years their senior whilst still only being 24!

God help you if you are going to Spain or her islands. Age of consent is the lowest in Europe at 13.

Having said all of that, he is a bloody good barman!

Anyway, the 4pm match has just kicked off but I can only watch the first half due to aforementioned chicken. Laters xx

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