Bulgaria 2013 – Day 6 – Airport, Pool

Yet another day of doing nothing! We can certainly get used to this. Mrs CT woke up with a hangover due to participating/instigating the shots drinking at the bar with the youngsters. It was their last night but that is no excuse for Bad Auntie Sammy to join in! The following picture sums up the day. Picture of wasp due to my re-reading of my camera manual!

Picture of the car is a reminder of my trip down to the airport with Joel & Grace, the latter also hungover and annoyed with the former for travelling back to Luton in his Watford football top. Not too sure there will be many Luton fans awaiting his return!

Hopefully more news in the next entry as we are due to have a day out in Burgas. Laters xx

Joel and Mrs CT “sucking the lime”.

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