Bulgaria 2013 – Day 10 – Sunny Beach

And so the day finally arrived – the obligatory trip to Sunny Beach, the largest seaside resort in Bulgaria and only 12 minutes drive from the villa.

Anything goes and can be found here. A mixture of Great Yarmouth and Nice. Ranging from “Kiss me quick” hats ( or worse) and KFC to very sophisticated bars on the beach where you can find the girls of Ukraine cavorting playfully in the sand in their micro-thongs. That last bit should really be reserved for boys only holiday.

The 18-30 Brits, in the meantime, are down the other end of the beach getting down & grubby in a giant foam party. And yes there is catering to match. As well as KFC there is All Day English breakfasts, Kebabs, Pizza etc etc. of course the obligatory MaccyDs.

On the other hand, some fantastic BBQ meats can be found that have been cooking slowly all day long.
I was volunteered to drive to this mad place in the mighty Aygo. Would you believe this thing has 4 doors? No boot mind you? Even our luggage had to go on the rear seats. When Hertz were picking their fleet for the airport why did they think this would be a good choice?

Anyway, it goes and is very easy to park. The gearbox is also very small making the choice of either 3rd or 1st gear a bit hit and miss. After Mrs CT had enquired for the fifth time “what gear are you in”? I wearily replied “T-shirt & shorts”. Ooh, you should have seen the look – definitely not amused!

A stop off at Lidl on the way back to stock up on beer & salty snacks and ingredients for the evening’s dinner of Tomato & Mozzarella pasta & salad washed down with a forgiving little Rosé number from Aix en Provence. An episode of Midsommer Murders and an early night rounded the day off.

How rock and roll are we!! Laters xx