Living in a Prison Cell

Home Expansion Day 17

The walls are now starting to emerge from the ground even if they do look a little like the inside of a prison cell (not from personal experience you understand, just my vision of what a dingy prison cell would look like). The window frames look a bit flimsy though!

Biggest discussion of the past few days has been what to do with Smudge’s cat flap, the new one. As we are having glazed doors with no solid panels the question of cutting the glass arose. After consultations with the suppliers it turns out you can only cut round holes in double glazing and not square. This requires a special finishing set. This cat, once rescued from a centre for £3.10, is becoming a major expense. Mrs CT better hurry up back from Halifax before I get Jack the bricky to incorporate her in the building (Smudge that is not Mrs CT).
Well at least the bricks turned up earlier this week which means that progress should speed on weather permitting. Hopefully the dining room furniture will be sold this week allowing us space to set up camp in the only usable room for the next 4 weeks or so – well that will be cosy!. (See separate page for items for sale).

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