This Country runs on Tea

Home Expansion Day 19

It will come as no surprise to anyone that in order to improve the work-flow and concentration of any builder or craftsman in this country, a constant flow of tea is required and most gratefully received. Our tea-bag and sugar supply is fast dwindling along with the washing-up liquid required for all those mugs.

Today has been no exception and the hot reviving cuppas were almost compulsory to stave of these 200 mile an hour winds  – well that’s what they feel like coming down the Nene Valley.

What quite Smudge’s excuse was to get involved in this tea habit I am not too sure!

Despite the atrocious weather conditions progress has been good with several layers of block and brickwork completed. Kitchen has been ordered as has the cloakroom bits and pieces. Not too many decisions left to take, only the lighting, heating, paint colours, position of switches and power etc etc etc!

Any way we are having a day away from all this tomorrow. Mrs CT is taking me to watch Villa v Fulham. Not a top of the table clash I agree but she got the tickets from a dodgy looking bloke down the pub at Christmas. Don’t know who he is but I hope the tickets turn out to be right!

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