Cats and Concrete – not a good mix!

Home Expansion Day12

Looking at the pictures not a lot has happened in the last 9 days or so it would appear. The builders did a great job of leaving the site tidy and clean last weekend after pouring the concrete which is to become the floor of the extension.

We came home late last Thursday and opened the front door only to be met by Smudge (she of 4 paws) coming the other way at the speed of an exocet missile. “Wonder what’s the matter with her” exclaimed Mrs CT? This was somewhat explained when opening the back door to examine the building progress to find that the cat flap had been nailed shut. Poor thing must have had all 4 paws crossed for some time. Why this sudden persecution of the cat by the builders – quite simple they had spent the afternoon pouring several toms of concrete and smoothing it to a fine finish – naturally they didn’t want little marks all over it – oh dear, my brain was far too slow in computing this as Smudge came hurtling across the still wet and soft surface heading back for her now overdue tea. So now not only are there indentations all over the extension floor but there is by now a corresponding pattern in concrete splodges on our clean kitchen and hall floor. I wont repeat what Mrs CT said but needless to say it was all my fault! (Sometimes I do have to wonder at female logic).

Anyway back to the delays. It is all to do with bricks or the lack of them or to be more precise the lack of matching ones. The original builders of the house had used a job lot of since discontinued brick which were prooving hard to match. Hopefully they will be here sometime next week. In the meantime, Jack, the bricky had a couple of days off to “recharge his batteries” and the site was left empty. Over the last couple of days the patio has been relaid in its new position and I might even get a table and couple of chairs out tomorrow.

Onwards and upwards – I hope!

PS Does anyone want any replacement kitchen cupboard doors? We have quite a number to offer as our existing kitchen has to be demolished in the next couple of weeks. Good condition. Let me know and I will send details and pictures

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