World Cup Bulgaria 2014 – Day 4

The day we had be waiting for had arrived. 203 days ago we sat in the Stanwick Club booking our tickets for this trip, not knowing at that stage who England would meet in the World Cup or when. The groups were decided in early December and then we knew, Thursday 19th June at 22:00 EET would be a crunch game, England v Uruguay. We had planned our day meticulously. Mr B once again in charge of weather said it was not going to be good and that we should head into Burgas for a look around the shops and a few bars. Main meal of the day would be lunch as we did not want anything getting in the way of the evenings activity.

The local bus was flagged down by Mr B and made to wait as the rest of us trundled up the road. The locals were not impressed. Upon arrival in Burgas it turns out that Mr B’s weather forecast was crap as usual. Blazing sunshine meant that lotion was applied liberally and that a walk in the cool shade of the park was for starters. But then the inner child in all of us sprang forth. Tricyles with a car battery strapped to them proved to much to resist. For the next half hour the 5 of us terrorised the local population with our devil do dare antics. This picture was taken by a very pretty young lady we happened upon.

Thirsty work, so after dropping off the trikes we sought out the inevitable beach bar and cold beer. The sun was out and at least 2 of us attempted some worshipping.

The rest of resorted to childish antics of trying to take subtle pictures of people on the beach. By resting the camera on the bar at full zoom and pressing the shutter it was going to be pot luck what we captured. This effort of a 40+ body builder by Mr R is a belter! (40+ is age not inches).

The 3 of us soon got bored of this and with the other 2 still trying to burn their nipples off, we moved on……..without them. Didn’t even notice. We travelled all the way to the next bar down. It took Mr B and Mr L a full 15 minutes before they spotted us.

Onwards to lunch which was going to be a right royal feast. And indeed it was. Beef Carpaccio, Prawns with Garlic and chilli, Elena Ham, Crunchy Chiperones and Mussels. That was just to start…..and cost the same as the entire meal from the previous night. Various meat main courses to finish and we had achieved half of the days plan. Oh and then it started to rain again, even worse than the night before. Walking from the bus stop to the villa was horrendous, even my boxers were wet through.

On a serious note however, we have since found out that this was the worst rain the region had experienced since records began. 11 people lost their lives in the ensuing flooding and many many more made homeless. A pair of wet pants is trifling in comparison. Read more here.

Thursday evening’s activities will be in a separate special video blog to be published sometime on Saturday. (This is due to the Editor not having enough internet bandwidth on board WizzAir 6551 to up load to YouTube).