Tenerife 2012 Day 6 – Moisturising & Volcanos

Although I may still have the looks of a late thirty something (!) this is some 10 years short of the truth. Like a lot of modern men, my daily routine, has for the past few years, involves moisturiser and in particular when in the sun.

Despite no one else seeing the contents of my wash-bag I still, like others, have to have a product that is manly and in no way connected to ladies beauty products. Hence Rock Face or Bulldog are my choices. Undoubtedly masculine and rugged. The fact that the contents are exactly the same as Nivea or L’Oreal it is ok for men because the packaging says so. Marketing that we poor men will fall for every time.

Looked out of the window this morning to see that Mt Teide had erupted. Reality – low cloud and a very high mountain (12,000 ft I think).
Oh well, last night tonight. Dinner will be Andalusian Buffet. Each night has been a different buffet which in reality have been exactly the same apart from the rice in the paella*. Yellow for Spanish, white for Italian (risotto), with egg for Chinese and missing completely for American.

So guesses please for tonight?

* when I say paella this is a loose description based entirely on the pan it is presented in. The contents bear little in common with the national dish. Hint to Chef – crab sticks placed on top of the rice do not constitute the seafood in a paella, they are what Kerry Katona would call party food.

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