Tenerife 2012 Day 4 – When in Rome or Los Gigantes

This is the view from our balcony. The gardens and general flora and fauna are mature which is something I could apply to the rest of the hotel and most of its residents.

Mrs CT and I took bus 463 for the short journey to Los Gigantes ( The Giants). It was here some 15 years ago that we got engaged when in the aptly named Hotel Los Gigantes A hotel that has now become so tired they have shut it, gutting it and reopening later in the year. Disappointingly the resort has not moved on in all that time. Same shops full of junk and tatty tourist restaurants. I just hope that the Canaries wake up, like Majorca has, before is too late.

Mrs CT by the marina with The Giants in the background. The best place we found was The Harbour Club, a nice little collection of apartments with a jolly good wine/tapas bar attached.

This last photo is my attempt to “do in Rome what the Romans do”. No joke, the beer is Mrs CT’s and the cold Jezez Fino is mine!

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