Sorrento 2014 – Day 4 – Pool Time and Mahogany Madge

Weather beautiful. 26c of glorious sunshine. Only one thing we could do today and that was nothing. Nothing that is whilst lying around the pool and eating lunch. The pool area is set away from the hotel in the middle of a lush green wooded area which also contains various days beds and 3, yes 3, hot tubs. Stanwick crew take note.

Full waiter service to your sun lounger included. I usually wait until 11:00 before ordering the first beer of the day. Today I had my own personal server who had taken it upon herself to pick up a couple of cold ones on the way back from the loo!

The lunch/ bar area is at one end. All the lunches for the hotel are served here. Wood burning oven and large grill provide the freshest of pizzas and grilled fish/meats. Salads are plentiful. You can order wine or Prossecco by the bottle (all inclusive remember) and delivered to your table with ice bucket. Both Mrs CT and I agree that is the best meal of the day.

Today’s over indulgence at the aforementioned lunch resulted in us seeking shelter from the sun and somewhere comfortable for an afternoon snooze. One heart shaped day bed was just the ticket. After a couple of hours I awoke to find Mrs CT reading and complaining that her sleep had been interrupted by Vesuvius type snoring which had scared off all the wildlife. Oops!

Talking of wildlife here are couple of little reptiles that have shared our spot poolside.

So no complaints then. Well…….when there are this many people in a small area there is always going to be someone or something that grates. The average age of resident in this adults only hotel at this time of year is considerably more than my svelte youthfulness of 51. Apart from them all sitting around moaning about the youth of today, benefits scroungers and various residents of the UK who were not born there, naturally there was going to be one who stood out. Let me introduce you to Mahogany Madge.

Mahogany from the perma colour and Madge from her namesake in the ITV series Benidorm. Holding court each day down in “her” corner of the pool. “Ooh we get up early to get our own beds”. Although she has no mobility scooter she does have 2 walking sticks that she lets everyone know she cannot do without……rubbish. Faster than a 10 year old sometimes and can stand for 2 hours at a time. Pity the person who gets in her way however…you would think murder against disabled people was being committed. At night time her preferred tipple is half pints of Baileys and Brandy, no wonder she is a little unsteady!

Mrs CT made me put that last picture in. Yes it’s a cat. Laters

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