Menorca 2012 Day 12 – The Road to Nowhere, Socks & Intestinal Gas

Well our second Sunday arrives. So what do we usually do on a Sunday morning? (keep it clean please Mrs Beeney, I am referring to 9am and not 8am). We go on a 5 mile walk of course. As the weather has cooled slightly we decided that we would partake. So off we set on the road to nowhere across the cliff tops without maps or any real knowledge of destination.

The walking was certainly a little tougher than we are used to around Stanwick Lakes. The inclines were rocky and steep and the declines, which are tougher on the legs, the same. The scenery however was spectacular.

After 50 mins of walking and finding nothing but trees, fantastic views and the odd fellow weary traveller, we decided to head back. The estimate was that we had travelled at least 5km and including the ups and downs this would convert quite happily into 5 miles.

So back to the hotel for relaxation in the lovely spa area and onwards into siesta land. An evenings entertainment was planned. As usual I was first down to the bar (whilst Mrs CT was applying all those potions and ointments that you ladies swear by) and was met by one of those peculiar British traditions of the over 60’s – sandals and long socks. Please, if anyone ever sees me doing this you have permission to shoot!

The poster for that night’s entertainment also intrigued me. Flamenco or just a young lady lighting her own f@rts? (yes, so from the blog title you thought I was going to talk about my own bottom fuelled misdemeanours – no chance!).

The 3 ladies that did eventually appear we’re nothing like the photograph. I demanded my money back 🙂

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