Day 1.3 Kefalonia – numb bum

As per our normal practice we booked extra leg-room seats for our 3.5 hour flight to Greece. My experience this year was numbing, literally.

When Thomson merged with First Choice they inherited the latter’s ageing Airbus fleet. Whilst I am sure they are mechanically sound the interiors I can only describe as tired.

When taking my seat, 13a, I assumed that the internal stuffing had collapsed causing my well padded nether regions to be in contact with the 2 steel cross members of the seat frame.

“No that’s not a fault” declared Tracy, “we take all the stuffing out of seats 12a, 13a, 12f and 13f because it makes you sit lower next to the emergency exit and therefore making escape easier”.

Is she pulling my wotsit? Sitting on 2 metal bars for 3 hours AND charging me an extra £40 for the priveledge is taking the pi$$..

I lost all feeling in my left buttock just over Luxembourg with my entire rear end going missing in Croatian airspace!

Refits needed Thomson Fly, please take note.

Anyone paying for these seats, also please take note.

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